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Welcome to my technology blog! It's a mish-mash of projects and occasional thoughts on the world of technology and computer programming. This blog also incorporates my former TechForTesco blog authored during my time as Head of R&D at

The Daily Peacehaven Timelapse Video

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the ‘WeatherPi’ Raspberry Pi that collects the latest weather readings every 10 minutes and make a decision whether or not to lower the storm shutters in front of our house. I also added that the service was publishing minute-by-minute photographs of the sea view. This post explores […]

Decoding TV Teddy – Part Four: The 2018 Hifi Version?

In this ‘Decoding TV Teddy’ series of articles, I’ve found that the best audio bandwidth available is no better than that of an AM radio. But now it’s 2018 and I’m using software to do this, could I improve on that bandwidth? Here’s a challenging audio source which I have created from two music tracks […]

Live weather data and images!

I wanted to take the peaceful few days between Christmas and New Year to really refresh the data collected from the local weather that helps our Raspberry Pi-powered Storm Shutters Controller (known as ‘WeatherPi’) make good decisions about when to lower and raise the protective barriers from our sea-facing windows. I wanted to share the […]

MySql 8 and PHP mysqli_connect login failure – fixed on OSX

If you develop on a Mac as I do, you’ll want to get up to date with the latest versions of the software! So I installed a fresh new copy of MySql database server – now version 8, and made sure I was using PHP 7.2 for use with my Jetbrains PHPStorm IDE. The trouble arrived […]

Wi-Fi Mesh ‘Whole Home’ Networks really work!

I have finally fixed the Wi-Fi! Since the BT engineer had to rewire our telephone cable to the back of the house, getting Wi-Fi signal to the front of the house has been a nightmare – especially to the main TV where we watch internet shows from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and others. This is because […]