Microsoft Tag – Redmond’s colourful take on 2D barcoding

I’ve been alerted to Redmond’s colourful take on 2D barcoding, Microsoft Tag. It’s an advanced barcode creating technology which stores up to to 1000 characters (compared to QR-code’s 4296 character maximum) and adds colourful triangles to its design! The rest of this blog entry is stored in the Microsoft Tag below – I’ll leave you […]

Square barcode showing on screens at HQ today

Well done if you’ve arrived here from decoding the square ‘QR’ barcode square I put up on all the media screens at HQ in Falcon Way today. The text data in the barcode (recreated above) points to the direct web address of this blog post. I wanted to see how many people 1) noticed […]

Order your groceries through a Facebook app

As we get more customers onto our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery service, the time is coming when our army of third-party developers can unleash their Tesco Grocery API powered applications on the world. One of these developers is James Mills, an IT programmer who came along to our Tesco TJAM day back in August last […]

Interactive corporate tweeting – could there be trouble ahead?

Thanks for the feedback from my article about our ‘Good or Bad?’ Twitter monitoring. Several emailers are asking how and when we intend to turn from ‘listening’ to ‘interacting’. In my meeting with the insight team we chatted about how we might achieve this. At first glance this seems like an easy win: give a […]

Are we Good or Bad? Happy or Sad?

Here I am back at work extolling the virtues of a ‘stay-cation’ by having a Britain-acquired suntan without the need for flying (hah!), and showing my age with a quote from a great Tina Turner song. I always enjoying working with the Marketing department, and most of all I enjoy chatting with their Insight team […]