Credit where credit’s due: well done Ocado!

Last week our grocery home shopping competitor Ocado won the BT Retail Week Technology Award for their iPhone and Android Ocado on the Go apps. The two applications are excellent examples of applying technology appropriately for the customer’s benefit – making the process of grocery shopping easier and more convenient. I’m sure our forthcoming grocery […]

HD England World Cup Football at HQ – R&D style!

Today R&D is hosting the crucial England vs Slovenia World Cup game in the atrium on a 65″ (165cm diagonal) HDTV. This TV is fed by an Apple Mac connected via DVI cable and using the Mac’s excellent graphics card to decompress and render a full HD 1080i high definition signal from the BBC HD […]

Spare a fiver for the 2010 British 10K London Run

Listen, dear reader, I haven’t asked you for money in the last 18 months so when I do, you know I’m being deadly serious. It’s a rare event and I intend to keep it that way. I’m running the 2010 British 10K London Run on 11 July 2010, and I’m trying to raise £500 (that’s […]

Why we all need a Hero (Device)

As you know, at we targeted iPhone first. Yet if I was to draw a Venn diagram containing two circles – one representing the population of Tesco online shoppers and the other the population of people with iPhones – you would see that the overlap between the two circles is only very small. However, […]

Mobile Monday and Living in a Multi-platform World

Yesterday evening I joined a panel of ‘thinkers’ at a session of Mobile Monday London, hosted at Microsoft’s Victoria offices in London. Chaired by Marek Pawlowski of MEX (the strategy forum for user experience), the session was entitled “Living in a Multi-platform World” and explored the challenges of developing for the much more fragmented world […]

New features in Tesco API and just 7% of customers to be transferred

Today I have written to our 809 registered Tesco API developers telling them about an update that took place this lunchtime. Dear API Developer Just 7% of customers to go and we’ll have 100% of them on our new ‘project martini’ Tesco grocery web service – and available to you through the Tesco Grocery API. […]

Happy retirement Sir Terry – and thanks for choosing the IT guy!

Sir Terry Leahy announced his forthcoming retirement today; from next March his role will be taken by Philip Clarke, who is currently Tesco’s international and IT director. That’s right: in an all-too-rare event, the IT man has made it to the top – it will be great knowing that Tesco will be run by someone […]

Tesco home shopping on an iPad?

Today we met with the designers who are building our grocery mobile apps so we could review progress and think about what we wanted to do over the coming year. They brought two iPads with them.On one iPad they had a mock-up of Tesco grocery shopping on it.On the other they had their presentation. Don’t take anything […]

iPad fans disrupt HQ has been disrupted by colleagues with iPads who seem to create groups of people who gather around them whenever they carry the things about the office. Which they’re doing. Blatantly. Sarah (middle) and Becky (right) caught admiring Lucia’s iPad. (the chocolates are there because there is always gooey food around HQ) Oh and […]