The calm before the storm

Sorry for being a bit quiet here over the last week or so. We’re just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before we plunge into the public arena with our most exciting adventure yet. I feel that any time spend away from my core duties as part of the team delivering this adventure is […]

100% Martini / Affiliates Scheme Starts / API Unscheduled Outage

This morning I sent this message out to our 800+ registered Tesco Grocery API developers. Dear API Developer We did it (finally!) – 100% of customers are now on our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery development platform. That means that 100% of customers can use your applications that use the Tesco Grocery API at It also means […]

Shareholder’s question: Why aren’t our mobile apps joined up?

As part of my job, I get to answer some questions that come in from Tesco shareholders who have attended recent Annual General Meetings, particularly those related to new technologies or services visible to customers. One shareholder wanted to know why two of the mobile apps we have in the public domain, Tesco Finder and […]

Good Morning, Flattering Spam

If you comment on any article in this blog more than a couple of weeks old, it goes into an “approval” queue which I check and process 3-4 times a week. I often find that, combined with some useful comments, a few spam messages. Over the last month or so I’ve suddenly found these spam […]

Tesco Friday Frenzy and power of Social Networking

One Friday a few weeks ago, the Clothing at Tesco (C@T) team decided to launch a campaign to increase their Facebook fan base. The team had opened the Clothing at Tesco Facebook fan site linked to their website and were using the service to update their profile regularly to talk about new clothing ranges, […]

Are the best CIOs from non-technical backgrounds?

This was the question posed to me by Kenny MacIver, editor of “I: Global Intelligence for the CIO” magazine. When I responded, “No I think the best CIOs are NOT from non-technical backgrounds”, Kenny replied, “Good! I would like you to write an article about that view, and we’ll print it alongside someone who thinks […] has its own private cloud computing service

A short time ago I responded to our leadership team’s concerns that the grocery API, still very much an R&D project (and on its own service) at this time, may not cope with the load when we come to launch our mobile grocery applications soon. Having built up some skills and experience in using Microsoft’s […]