Why haven’t we included the barcode scanner in Tesco Groceries?

Just about every external email I’ve received over the last two days seems to ask one question:

We have barcode scanning in Tesco Finder for iPhone, so why haven’t we put the scanner into Tesco Groceries for iPhone?
The reason is technical and to do with the new barcode scanning code that needs to be compatible with Apple’s new iPhone operating system, iOS4 in a way that is satisfactory to Apple who are quite strict about the way that this must be performed.

Indeed, until this is sorted we can’t update Tesco Finder for iPhone as it would fail Apple’s QA testing and get rejected (and we don’t want that happening again).

We were just keen to get Tesco Groceries for iPhone into your hands but there will be an update soon that will bring barcode scanning to your copy of the app. Indeed my colleague Becky is saying how much she is enjoying using it right now on our test iPhones (which is a big tick-in-the-box, believe me!).

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