2010 – The Year We Made Contact…

…with customers on their mobile devices rather than ‘just’ our web site! If I were told to describe the work we did in 2010 in just one adjective, I would say ‘tumultuous’! 2010 was the year everything changed as we focussed our efforts to bring the Tesco online experience to mobile smart phones. You could […]

R&D Christmas Experiment: Tesco Instant – Write-up and Play

OK so it’s live – and achieved using no more than some C#/Java and SQL database skills! It helps me answer the question:  Can I get to a particular product faster than via our standard web offering (of departments, aisles and shelves, or text searching)? Does it for you? Go play at http://www.techfortesco.com/tescoinstant !! The rest […]

Tesco Recipes App for iPad launches

Yes we’ve just launched our first (and frankly gorgeous) iPad app – Tesco Recipes. The app was designed of course by our mobile app creators extraordinaire – Ribot, who used the ‘salivation commences’ slogan in their blog post as that sums up for me regarding what this app is all about. Andy Beale, IT Manager into […]

The R&D Christmas Project: Tesco.com Grocery Instant

That’s it! The final group of customers are having their groceries delivered before Christmas as this entry publishes – and once again they have entrusted us with delivering their Christmas Day dinner. Yes, Tesco.com grocery customers have once again trusted us provide the ingredients for their most important meal of the year. It’s a huge […]

“I get the message!” says customer sent 25,000 texts

Do you get the impression from this blog that Tesco.com R&D always gets it right? I thought so. Well we do try and look for all the possible technical pitfalls – “Hope for the best, Plan for the worst” is a slogan I cling dearly to when unleashing an application or service on customers when […]

Christmas is coming / Tesco Finder update

I knew there was a reason for the workload – I have been radio silent on this blog for the last two weeks because you you could say that work reached a crescendo as we put in the final preparations for Christmas trading. It was not just that customers seemed to be waiting for us to […]