Wow! Nominated for Greatest Contribution to New Media!

You know, just when you think that work couldn’t get any more, well frankly exciting – along comes something that blows me away completely, New Media Age have just nominated me, along with five other worthy individuals, for their “Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media” category at this year’s NMA Effectiveness Awards 2011. According to […]

VACANCY! Come and join the mobile team at

If you love what we, at, have created with our mobile apps (and think we could ‘do better’ of course!), it’s time you came and joined the team at HQ in Welwyn Garden City. Yes we have an amazing vacancy for a ‘Mobile Product Owner’ who will help shape our mobile/device offerings going […]

Buy the right to watch the movie and NOT worry about the format

Tesco has just taken a majority stake in local video-on-demand service BlinkBox with an 80% stake in that business. Blinkbox is the UK’s leading movie streaming service, offering thousands of titles streamed on the internet to 2m users each month. Their catalogue of more than 9,000 titles is available to rent or buy, alongside a host […]

My London 2012 Olympic Games Maker Tech interview

Image: Sign pointing the way to the Games Maker Selction Event Click on any image in this article for a much bigger version and, where applicable, read some of the detailed text on the boards shown in the photo. You can re-use any of these pictures without permission as long as you credit them to my name […]

Today is “Email: Say It In The Subject!” Day

Today is “Email: Say It In The Subject!” Day! This is where the emails you write to your friends and colleagues have all the vital information contained in the subject of the message rather than in the body. The aim of today’s experiment is to see if, when you receive such emails, it becomes easy […]

Take part in our “BIG Collection” for Alzheimer’s Society

This blog is committed to doing its bit to help the Tesco Charity of the Year 2011 – Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Scotland – and I need your help! On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th May is the first nationwide Tesco charity event taking place with help from the local community, called the BIG Collection. […]

Benedictus benedicat!

“Let him who has been blessed, give blessing.” I would just like to thank Professor John Naughton and his team for giving me the opportunity to speak last night as part of the Arcadia lecture series at Wolfsen College, Cambridge University. I enjoyed the most interesting of conversations with some of the students at the […]

Tonight’s Lecture at Cambridge (Arcadia Programme)

A reminder that if you are a student at Cambridge University I am giving a lecture on Tesco’s customer-focussed mobile journey (those Hunters, Gatherers and Groundhogs!) at the seminar room of Wolfson College starting at 6pm tonight. The lecture forms part of Cambridge University Library’s Arcadia Programme – for more information follow this link. I look forward […]

Evolved: The “Can and Hand” logo

Those of you who read the blog via its web page will have noticed the graphical makeover and the appearance of a can of Tesco Baked Beans & Pork Sausages being nudged by a robotic hand: The “can and hand” logo is one that stretches back to the dawn of Tesco grocery home shopping, with […]

Two of our delivery vans are missing…

If you’ve read the post showing the ‘heat map’ of our grocery delivery vans across the UK, you’ll come away with a great feeling that we know where all our vans are. Which is true. The trouble is, the truth can sometimes hurt – in this case there’s something we uncovered in getting the […]