Tesco.com R&D Day Out

Sometimes it’s worth taking the team and escaping from the office for some fresh air and fresh thinking, specially when some of the extended team are joining us for the week having escaped from Tesco’s offices in Bangalore, India. The thinking doesn’t get any fresher than when it takes place at TechHub London, the community […]

Philip Clarke blogs about ‘Out at Tesco’ gay staff network

Forgive me for my occasional digression from tech, but occasionally such interesting events happen that I sometimes decide to cover them here. Regular readers will know that I am a member of Tesco Diversity Council which ensures that ‘Everyone is welcome at Tesco‘. I am also a committee member for our lesbian, gay, bissexual and transgender staff […]

Microsoft Kinect opens the ‘Recognition’ door

Reading this article, on the surface you’ll think of us as boys playing with toys. The actual thing is, Microsoft’s new Kinect XBox games controller offers so much opportunity in the retail and business space that we’ve already thought of uses we could put it to inside Tesco. Why? Well it’s the ability to program […]

The Cable Guys (and Girls)

Another day in the office for the R&D and Mobile teams! (click for bigger picture). A photographer from The Grocer magazine was in our office during last week taking pics as part of a profile interview of Tesco.com R&D, and I insisted that the key players who had helped shape R&D and mobile join me […]

Windows Phone 7 – This Week’s Unexpected Joy

My Windows Phone 7 phone arrived this week in the form of the HTC 7 Trophy. After the joy of iPhone 4 and the unexpected sluggishness of my HTC Desire HD, how would the new phone stack up – and how easy is it to develop for? In this image Nick holds his HTC 7 Trophy Window […]