The Cable Guys (and Girls)

Another day in the office for the R&D and Mobile teams!
(click for bigger picture).
A photographer from The Grocer magazine was in our office during last week taking pics as part of a profile interview of Tesco.com R&D, and I insisted that the key players who had helped shape R&D and mobile join me in a group picture. 
The photographer’s remit was to be artistic and not take a boring corporate picture, so I took everyone to our lab where the tech ‘happens’. The photographer immediately spotted boxes of ethernet cable and the next we know we were draping ourselves in this season’s network colours!
The picture you see above was taken by Doug Graves, our highly bemused colleague who works in the lab. I’m sat down in the picture (click for a much bigger version) and from left to right we have:
  • Owen Day, IT Mobile Development Manager (@owenday)
  • Mike Brearley, Lead IT Developer (@brearley)
  • Rebecca Pate, Web Development Manager and Mobile Product Owner (@rpatey).
  • Annabel Thorburn, Senior Marketing Manager with accountability for Mobile.
  • Hilda Jenkins, IT Project Manager for Mobile.
  • Jerome Ribot, Founder and Creative Lead of Ribot, our mobile design partner (@ribotminimus).
  • Ben Martin, Developer and Project Manager in Tesco.com R&D team (@realbenm)

So watch out for a pic from the many that photographer took appearing in The Grocer soon!