Podcast Episode 1: The Culture of Innovation

Welcome to this first full episode of Innovation Lab!

If a company describes itself as ‘innovative’, what are its employees actually doing differently? How does a company with a known culture of innovation actually work?
To tackle these questions, Nick’s inaugural guest is Audun Clark, the former Head of innovation Culture and Communications at Tesco Labs.

In this 20 minute show, Nick and Audun discuss the visual signs of an innovative culture and write the job description for a role that will manage or lead innovation in an organisation, and list the skills of the ideal candidate.
Could they be describing you?

Listen now (running time 20:53)

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After the show, Audun offered up these visuals of the innovation culture journey.  Click for larger versions.

IMG_4958 image1

Please note these images are copyright Audun Clark. Please contact him via LinkedIn if you wish to use them in any way.

Audun Clark on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/audun-clark/12/312/81a


  1. So interesting I listened twice, I can relate to every word of it. There is so much more work to be done to develop a culture of innovation at store level within Tesco. I’d love to see innovation champions and departmental innovation teams in stores and a culture where colleagues can make suggestions that they know will be taken seriously. I know you, Audun and the others at Tesco Labs have done a great job in laying the foundation stones for that. I just hope that the good work continues.

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