Tesco Lab’s NextGen API now live!

I’m delighted to relay to you that the brand new Tesco Labs API is now live. This next-generation API use the latest cloud tech to give you access to grocery product information at Tesco. Tesco Labs software engineer Pablo Coberly has posted an article on the Tesco Labs website introducing the new API and the […]

Secure! My words are safe with you…

This morning I’ve switched this blog to run as a secure service, using SSL. I’ve done this because I agree with the sentiment that what you read on the web is between you and the websites you visit, and not the business of anyone (or any machine) in between. Up until today, lansley.com web pages […]

Online Retail in Russia

I’ve just returned from an interesting trip to Moscow, where I was invited to speak at the Plus Alliance’s “3rd International Online and Offline Retail Forum 2016. Plus Alliance is an organisation much like the UK’s British Retail Consortium (BRC) promoting the needs of Russian retail through its forums, conferences and media publications. I was […]