Secure! My words are safe with you…

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This morning I’ve switched this blog to run as a secure service, using SSL.

I’ve done this because I agree with the sentiment that what you read on the web is between you and the websites you visit, and not the business of anyone (or any machine) in between.

Up until today, lansley.com web pages were sent over the internet in clear text to your web browser. From now onwards, anyone going to lansley.com or www.lansley.com will be auto-redirected by the web server to https://lansley.com – same content, just encrypted by the server and decrypted by your browser.

You shouldn’t have to do anything to continue enjoying the content here, although if you have a rather sniffy RSS blog reading app that doesn’t like the auto-redirect, you may just have to use this link instead: https://lansley.com/feed/

Google likes sites running entirely in secure mode. In a webmasters blog post they point out that they are improving the ranking signal of those sites that have chosen to provide a secure environment for visitors. It’s only a lightweight signal for now but I’m happy to be part of the world that respects that what you read on the web is not for third parties.

Indeed it’s the digital equivalent of stopping people from looking over your shoulder at the book or newspaper you’re reading and judging you!


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