Google and the Google Generation! 18 years old today

Happy birthday to Google! The now powerful search engine turned 18 years old today. So this means that all teenagers who are the same age as Google or younger have only known fast, efficient searching for anything they want in the world. Indeed the Google Generation! The thing is, the youngsters who turn 18 today are now […]

JavaScript? My web browser runs Python! And BASIC! and…

%CODEBRYTHONCLOCK% If you’re reading this in a modern web browser window you should see a clock at the top of this post. Nice clock! Programmed in Python3 by a team called Brython (Browser-Python), it’s running in Python right now on your web browser. Have a look at the source view of this post if you don’t […]

Nice innovation: Buying Train Split-Tickets to Save Money

I rarely recommend websites but will make an exception here as it’s taught me something! is a UK rail ticket purchasing service which checks to see if your journey could be cheaper if you were to ‘stop’ at a station along the route to your destination. For example, I often travel from Brighton to […]