Podcast: How To Work From Home

Working from home has now become the ‘New Normal’ thanks to Coronavirus and self-isolation. In this episode, Nick is joined by top workplace psychologist, Dr Richard MacKinnon, who will reveal the techniques to help you work from home effectively. After listening, head to Dr MacKinnon’s website www.worklifepsych.com/workingfromhome/ for more in-depth information.

Podcast: Utopian Destinations

In this launch episode of the new Innovation Lab 2020 podcast, Nick explores an innovative technique that can greatly improve the outcomes of projects for all stakeholders: ‘Utopian Destinations’.

Podcast back on-air 16 March 2020

Great news – one of my new decade resolutions was to get the Innovation Lab podcast back on the air again and everything is in place for a relaunched service on Monday 16th March 2020 The show’s episodes will mainly consist of a daily ‘bite’ of innovation lasting 3 to 4 minutes, exploring innovation as … Continue Reading