Taking visual search to the next three stages

Whilst it’s great to see that Tesco Wine Finder has had a positive reception across the web, some more wiley readers have emailed me as they see into my thinking about the potential of automated object recognition of the sort that Cortexica Vision Systems have built for us. So rather than remain implicit, I’ll state […]

The web is a visual medium, so what are blind people doing on it?

“I mean, all that text and pictures and stuff. Not much cop if you can’t see it, I really don’t know why blind people bother, really I don’t!”, I thought. It was 1999, and I had just come off the phone to a very pleasant woman called Julie Howell from the Royal National Institute for […]

Pack up your radio towers, the Broadcast Era is nearly over!

I’m just back from a nice holiday away in Republic of Ireland visiting friends and relatives, enjoying Irish hospitality, buying Christmas presents and being blown about by 50mph winds. The things I do for a delicious Dublin-brewed Guinness! Listening to local radio is great but there are a couple of UK stations I miss when […]

Tesco to sell Apple iPhone on Tesco Mobile tariffs

This morning Tesco Mobile announced that Tesco would be selling the Apple iPhone with Tesco Mobile SIM cards and tariffs. Our push to get Tesco Finder (and soon, Tesco Grocery Shopper) into the Apple iTunes App Store was because of our desire to bring customers a great mobile experience of Tesco services in the knowledge […]

iPhone for all my internet / comms when away on business? 4 out of 5.

At the start of the week I told you that I would spend 48 hours abroad on business with only my iPhone for all communications and internet connectivity. I award the experience a surprisingly good 4 out of 5. The need for this experiment came as a result of wanting only to carry hand luggage […]

Europeans lead the way with Delivery

In Berlin I learned two things: Britain (and USA) is quite some way ahead of central Europe when it comes to e-commerce service on the web, and We are way behind on the actual mechanisms of delivery. That is, of getting the products to the customer at the time most convenient to them. I can […]

Keynote speech at Berlin European Online Retail Conference

Tomorrow morning I’m giving a keynote speech at the European Online Retail Conference in Berlin (link goes to Microsoft English translation of German site). Called ‘Tesco.com and the Fourth Screen’, my presentation explores new thinking on how to bring grocery shopping to customers using a new, challenging idea: Make it effortless for customers. I’ve always […]