Tesco Store and Product Finder – Live in the Apple iTunes App Store!

I’m delighted to tell you that our first iPhone application has just gone live in Apple’s iTunes App Store. The Tesco Store and Product Finder not only helps you to locate your nearest UK Tesco store (of any size from Express to Extra) but also will help you find any grocery product in that store […]

Getting ready for the National TV Retune

Tesco, alongside other TV retailers, is getting ready for customer calls on and after 30th September. That date is called, in a rather community-spirited manner, the National TV Retune. It’s where customers who receive digital channels through their aerial – Freeview – suddenly stop receiving a whole load of them and have to enter their […]

On the official Tesco iPhone Application and some developer disquiet.

A recent article concerning the Tesco API appeared in Computing magazine on 22 September 2009 telling of some developers being unhappy at our plans to have our own iPhone application for grocery in the Apple App Store. One paragraph in the article quoted an anoymous developer who apparently said, “Tesco has just taken a big […]

Important API Updates: Dev Portal moved; Azure tear-down ready for beta API

Dear API Developer There are some important updates to the Tesco API and the developer portal that have occurred today, and there is action you must take to keep your client application running against the community technical preview edition of the API. Developer Portal Moved ——————————– The API developer portal, where you manage your developer […]

Letter of Rejection

So I come back from holiday to uncover that the Tesco.com R&D team’s first iPhone application to be submitted to the Apple App Store has been rejected! The letter of rejection was pleasant and helpful, detailing a user-interface reason for the rejection and looking forward to a rapid re-submission. The Tesco.com R&D ‘Store Finder’ application, […]

Fake email phishing for Tesco usernames and password – ignore!

It may be a poor attempt at phishing but look out for this email message and delete it. Mine came from “Tesco Webmaster” webhelpdsk02@gmail.com but there may be other email sources. The perpetrator may be trying to snag a Tesco email account to make future phishing emails look more authentic. Help me make sure his/her […]

Tesco.com to create its own iPhone Grocery application

I thought we should let you know that our leadership team have asked us to look into creating an iPhone application of our own. Since TJAM, they have been really excited by the ideas and opportunities that have arisen and feel that we should also give our internal developers the opportunity to learn how to […]

Tesco.com TJAM – The Video

Here is a 4-minute YouTube-hosted music video of what happened at our recent TJAM event. A ”draft’ version of this video was shown to the developers at the start of the evening event. Time and a spot of decent re-editing has made the video smoother and more interesting (I hope…). You can either watch the […]