The Daily Peacehaven Timelapse Video

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the ‘WeatherPi’ Raspberry Pi that collects the latest weather readings every 10 minutes and make a decision whether or not to lower the storm shutters in front of our house. I also added that the service was publishing minute-by-minute photographs of the sea view. This post explores […]

Live weather data and images!

I wanted to take the peaceful few days between Christmas and New Year to really refresh the data collected from the local weather that helps our Raspberry Pi-powered Storm Shutters Controller (known as ‘WeatherPi’) make good decisions about when to lower and raise the protective barriers from our sea-facing windows. I wanted to share the […]

How can you prove you’re not in a computer simulation?

I’ve enjoyed read this article in Cosmos Magazine, that has concluded that we cannot live in computer simulation of the kind indicated in the outstanding 1999 movie The Matrix. The article reports that two scientists set out to see whether whether it was possible to use a technique known as Quantum Monte Carlo to study […]

Compressing MacOS / OSX files transparently using AFSCTOOL

As my Macbook Pro goes through a phase of getting full and needing to have its disk swept of old files from time to time, I wish that MacOS had a ‘compression’ tag for its files like Windows has.That way, files would remain on the disk in a compressed state without having to move them […]

JavaScript? My web browser runs Python! And BASIC! and…

%CODEBRYTHONCLOCK% If you’re reading this in a modern web browser window you should see a clock at the top of this post. Nice clock! Programmed in Python3 by a team called Brython (Browser-Python), it’s running in Python right now on your web browser. Have a look at the source view of this post if you don’t […]