UK productivity falling for second quarter in a row

(pic: Eric Hossinger / Flickr) Today, I learned that that UK productivity has continued to fall at a time when growth in our economy is badly needed as we career towards an uncertain Brexit. Since I focus on innovation in retail,  I needed some expertise on why productivity was down, so I turned to Nigel Driffield of Warwick Business […]

Time to smash your e-commerce platform. Literally!

Why the future of e-commerce should be built using micro-services. Listen to the podcast episode here: The story is often the same: I’ll be approached by a startup that has created a great feature for customers that a retailer can bolt onto their service. On this occasion, the product or service I am shown passes my […]

Registered Amazon seller caught scamming customers

Lee Munson, a researcher for security and privacy advice and comparison website,, is warning Amazon UK customers to be particularly vigilant about the post-holiday deals they find on Amazon as it has caught out one seller in particular attempting to scam users out of money. The merchant, called Sc-Elegance, primarily sells high end electronics, […]

Asda turning stores into smart buildings

Supermarket chain Asda is working with business energy monitoring company Utilitywise to convert its stores into ‘smart buildings’ – a smart move in itself! Supermarket stores are highly complex systems – most equipment in such locations involves a degree of mechanical operation (think refrigerator motors, checkout moving belts, automatic doors, fan-assisted bread ovens, air conditioning, […]

Google and the Google Generation! 18 years old today

Happy birthday to Google! The now powerful search engine turned 18 years old today. So this means that all teenagers who are the same age as Google or younger have only known fast, efficient searching for anything they want in the world. Indeed the Google Generation! The thing is, the youngsters who turn 18 today are now […]