Laura Wade-Gery, CEO of Tesco.com is leaving Tesco.com to join the newly formed Tesco UK Board of Directors reporting to our forthcoming new Tesco chief Philip Clarke. Laura’s role is being taken by Ken Towle, currently CEO of Tesco’s China operation. Ken will have the new title ‘Director of Internet Retailing’. […]

All change at the top of Tesco.com

Today we met with the designers who are building our grocery mobile apps so we could review progress and think about what we wanted to do over the coming year. They brought two iPads with them.On one iPad they had a mock-up of Tesco grocery shopping on it.On the other they […]

Tesco home shopping on an iPad?

Tesco.com HQ has been disrupted by colleagues with iPads who seem to create groups of people who gather around them whenever they carry the things about the office. Which they’re doing. Blatantly. Sarah (middle) and Becky (right) caught admiring Lucia’s iPad. (the chocolates are there because there is always gooey food […]

iPad fans disrupt Tesco.com

The launch of Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad, certainly caught my attention for 3 reasons: I enjoy spending an hour each evening consuming web content (news, blogs, video, social sites) with only occasional typed interactions – my laptop is massively over-specified for such use. I like to try out […]

What do we think of the Apple iPad?

I like this ‘thought piece’ from Revolution magazine on APIs and the future. http://www.revolutionmagazine.com/news/947967/open-source-answer/ The article’s “pros and cons” paragraph is particularly interesting, and the section about the importance of ‘abstracting’ the API from how the underlying service really works was important to me when designing the Tesco.com Grocery API. […]

Nice thought piece on APIs from Revolution magazine

So I come back from holiday to uncover that the Tesco.com R&D team’s first iPhone application to be submitted to the Apple App Store has been rejected! The letter of rejection was pleasant and helpful, detailing a user-interface reason for the rejection and looking forward to a rapid re-submission. The […]

Letter of Rejection