Amazon Go will bring the great shoplifter experience to customers

Some three years ago, I was invited by Tesco’s London Format team to explore how we could use innovation techniques to enhance the customer experience in their small Express and Metro stores. When we started our meeting, I presented a list of ideas that I had seen from start-up companies engaged in this area. The […]

Local Businesses: Make sure you can be found as my “nearest”.

It’s always been easy (read: lazy) for me to organise a family or friends’ night out in nearby Brighton because we just take the cab to the centre and wander around exploring the many pub and restaurant delights. However, some local evening attractions around where we live in Peacehaven have slowly been making themselves aware […]

Visual Guide to the Rise and Rise of Financial Technology

Over the years I have come to respect so-called FinTech (Financial Technology) startups that are re-shaping finance from borrowers & lenders markets through to mobile payments. It’s a fascinating area so I am happy to show this press release from alternative/crowdfunding finance brokerChoice Loans who have compiled an infographic on the subject. Follow the link to take […]

Nice innovation: Buying Train Split-Tickets to Save Money

I rarely recommend websites but will make an exception here as it’s taught me something! is a UK rail ticket purchasing service which checks to see if your journey could be cheaper if you were to ‘stop’ at a station along the route to your destination. For example, I often travel from Brighton to […]

Secure! My words are safe with you…

This morning I’ve switched this blog to run as a secure service, using SSL. I’ve done this because I agree with the sentiment that what you read on the web is between you and the websites you visit, and not the business of anyone (or any machine) in between. Up until today, web pages […]

Online Retail in Russia

I’ve just returned from an interesting trip to Moscow, where I was invited to speak at the Plus Alliance’s “3rd International Online and Offline Retail Forum 2016. Plus Alliance is an organisation much like the UK’s British Retail Consortium (BRC) promoting the needs of Russian retail through its forums, conferences and media publications. I was […]

Podcast Episode 5: The Internet of Retail

  The Internet of Retail In the first episode of 2016 (5th overall!), I am interviewed by Telecom TV’s Martyn Warwick who was interested to learn of my past and thoughts on the state of innovation in Retail. This is where I talk about my angst against ‘omni-channel’ – rather than attempting to fuse in-store […]

Tesco Pocket Shopper

A little piece of history for you: You probably think that mobile apps appeared soon after iPhone’s launch back in 2007? Actually… Tesco created its first mobile app back in… 2002! Tesco Pocket Shopper was a complete guide to selecting and ordering your Tesco online groceries which you could use offline, then go online to […]