I’ve just received an email from the London 2012 organising committee accepting my application to become one of thousands of Olympic Gamesmakers that will help keep the two weeks of the Olympic games running smoothly between 27 July to 12 August 2012. The committee detected that I have a technology background […]

My London 2012 Olympic Gamesmaker Technology Interview

If you’re a regular reader to this blog you’ll remember the article I wrote back in October about web browser trends on our web site (http://techfortesco.blogspot.com/2010/10/web-browser-trends-on-tescocom-site.html). In that article I showed a graph (reproduced below) displaying the gradual decline – but significant usage – of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) […]

Watch the demise of IE6 *LIVE* on a Microsoft web ...

After a fantastic year supporting the work of children’s cancer charity CLIC-Sargent, this blog joins Tesco as we move to support our new charity of the year, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland. These fantastic two charities work to improve the quality of life for people with dementia as well as […]

This blog supports the Tesco Charity of the Year, Alzheimer’s ...

You must go and have a look at our excellent new Tesco Price Check web application. We are introducing Price Check so customers will have no doubt that we offer the best value. Price Check gives customers the ability to check the price of individual products and the total price […]

Tesco receipt-based Price Check – live!

If you are old enough to remember the excellent BBC show “Challenge Anneka” you’ll recall the format where Anneka Rice is given some seemingly impossible task to deliver on a specific date. For (contrived!) example, she reads out a card which says: “On May 1st the Mayor of AcmeTown will […]

My 10 Year Robot Project

Our intrepid reporter (and Tesco.com Mobile Product Manager) Rebecca Pate concludes her visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with this despatch, ending with a message for Android users: The second day spent at MWC started with the developer event with HP introducing webOS, there’s some really cool UI stuff […]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: The Mobile World Playground

My colleague from our web/mobile development team is Rebecca Pate, who is spending a week as our eyes and ears at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where she is Techfortesco’s intrepid reporter! As a quick intro, my name is Becky Pate (@rpatey) and I am the Mobile Product Owner here […]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: The Revolution Has Begun!

Few things have excited me as much over the last few months than the work that Microsoft has done to create Windows Phone 7 (WP7), and the news that came in last Friday announcing that they have teamed up with Nokia (or Nokia has teamed up with them, or both!) […]

On the Microsoft and Nokia mobile deal

I’ve recently spotted this article on Infinite Path:Are big businesses missing out by putting the iPhone above Google Android? Excerpt: Take Tesco for example. It’s hard to avoid their TV ads promoting their iPhone app which allows people to scan barcordes to generate a shopping list and then order items. […]

Tesco Groceries app for Android not far away now

I will be speaking at the Retail Week Conference 2011 which takes place in London on 16-17th March at the Hilton Metropole hotel and conference centre. Over 800 delegates are expected to attend so I hope to meet several of you techfortesco readers there. Don’t hesitate to make yourself known to […]

Speaking at Retail Week 2011 conference, 17th March, London

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m currently at Scottsdale in the heart of the Arizona desert with my peer group (of people leading R&D) attending and speaking at a conference on open innovation. I was invited to talk about how, in Tesco.com R&D, we have an API open […]

R&D peer conference in the heart of the Arizona desert

From this Friday we’ll be using QR Codes in store to link customers to the mobile version of Tesco Direct to ore-order the new Nintendo 3DS console. Mike Fethers, Assistant Buyer for Tesco Gaming (what a great role!) sent me a digital copy of the poster and QR code we’ll […]

QR codes go into Tesco branches from Friday

Over the past week I have been working with my colleagues to tune the Application Programming Interface (API) service that supports communications from all our apps, now that our TV advertising campaign has brought many new customers to the joy of mobile grocery shopping. Anecdotal evidence shows that we can […]

‘Grocery-Grazing’ Tesco App Customers Get More Respect

I’ve just taken some time to read the Google/Blogger analytics for techfortesco and I’m both delighted and humbled to reveal that just over 12,000 readers a month (over 3,000 readers a week, where a “reader” is defined as a combination of pageviews and unique IP addresses) are enjoying the content – […]

Techfortesco blog stats: 3,000 readers a week

I’ve just sent into live an update to the API service supporting Tesco Finder application. The focus has been on improving performance and accuracy of the service for the ever-increasing number of Tesco Finder users. The “nearest branches” feature is now much more accurate. Before the update, the API tended […]

Big improvements to service for Tesco Finder app

It’s all very easy for us digital internet types to get sniffy about how TV advertising is old hat with its scatter-gun approach to marketing and no direct feedback that it works. I was in this mood when I chatted with Tesco.com’s marketing team on the eve of the first […]

TV advertising….works!

Just to let you know that I am presenting at the excellent CoDev 2011 conference on 24-26 January. The conference fosters co-development and open innovation – which chimes perfectly with my work with the Tesco API which is open to third party developers and linked to our affiliates scheme. The conference takes place at the Talking […]

I’m presenting at CoDev 2011 conference in Scottsdale, AZ, 24-26 ...

I am very happy to have accepted a position on the UK’s Mobile Commerce Joint Industry Committee (MCJIC), the committee established to ensure that UK businesses are prepared for the changes, opportunities and challenges that accompany the explosive growth in mobile commerce. The MCJIC has been formed by the Association of […]

I have been appointed to the UK’s MCJIC (Mobile Industry) ...

If you’re an Emmerdale fan than you will no doubt have seen the excellent and amusing 40-second TV commercial from our marketing department. The commercial shows our “Tesco family” using the barcode scanning facility on their iPhone as they go about life. You’ll see the ad popping up all over the place […]

Tesco TV Campaign Highlights iPhone App Barcode Scanning

Laura Wade-Gery, CEO of Tesco.com is leaving Tesco.com to join the newly formed Tesco UK Board of Directors reporting to our forthcoming new Tesco chief Philip Clarke. Laura’s role is being taken by Ken Towle, currently CEO of Tesco’s China operation. Ken will have the new title ‘Director of Internet Retailing’. […]

All change at the top of Tesco.com

Tesco Mobile and their marketing agency Ruby have together launched a fun and engaging Facebook app called The Nation’s Noggin which is designed as a set of ‘brain-training’-style fun and crazy games. Your aim is to complete each level in The Nation’s Noggin quickly and correctly, earning as many points […]

Are you The Nation’s Noggin?

I’ve just accepted an update of Tesco Finder and now it crashes as soon as I start the app! Help! If you downloaded the Tesco Finder app in the past, then updated to the more recent version of the iPhone Operating System,  then take our Tesco Finder app update, our […]

Does your Tesco Finder app crash when starting up?

…with customers on their mobile devices rather than ‘just’ our web site! If I were told to describe the work we did in 2010 in just one adjective, I would say ‘tumultuous’! 2010 was the year everything changed as we focussed our efforts to bring the Tesco online experience to […]

2010 – The Year We Made Contact…

OK so it’s live – and achieved using no more than some C#/Java and SQL database skills! It helps me answer the question:  Can I get to a particular product faster than via our standard web offering (of departments, aisles and shelves, or text searching)? Does it for you? Go […]

R&D Christmas Experiment: Tesco Instant – Write-up and Play

Yes we’ve just launched our first (and frankly gorgeous) iPad app – Tesco Recipes. The app was designed of course by our mobile app creators extraordinaire – Ribot, who used the ‘salivation commences’ slogan in their blog post as that sums up for me regarding what this app is all about. […]

Tesco Recipes App for iPad launches

That’s it! The final group of customers are having their groceries delivered before Christmas as this entry publishes – and once again they have entrusted us with delivering their Christmas Day dinner. Yes, Tesco.com grocery customers have once again trusted us provide the ingredients for their most important meal of […]

The R&D Christmas Project: Tesco.com Grocery Instant

Do you get the impression from this blog that Tesco.com R&D always gets it right? I thought so. Well we do try and look for all the possible technical pitfalls – “Hope for the best, Plan for the worst” is a slogan I cling dearly to when unleashing an application […]

“I get the message!” says customer sent 25,000 texts

I knew there was a reason for the workload – I have been radio silent on this blog for the last two weeks because you you could say that work reached a crescendo as we put in the final preparations for Christmas trading. It was not just that customers seemed to […]

Christmas is coming / Tesco Finder update

First of all, may I thank Ronan Shields of New Media Age for his great profile article about me, and  Dawinderpal Sahota of Computing  for his excellent article on the same subject – a great piece of work guys 🙂 However, I conclude that anyone reading these articles might be forgiven for thinking […]

Tesco.com mobile strategy – credit Angela Maurer and her team!

Well done to the Tesco Freeview Experiment applicants listed below.I’ll be in contact with each of you shortly to get the set-top box delivered to you. FirstName Location Freeview Transmitter Mark Belfast Divis Doug Dundee Angus James Stockton-on-Tees Bilsdale Tim Ashford, Kent Bluebell Hill Alick Glenrothes, Fife CraigKelly Daniel Islington, London Crystal […]

Tesco Freeview Experiment – Freeview HD box recipients

Thanks to all of you who have applied to join the Tesco Freeview Experiment. Applications are now closed, and I am sifting through the postcodes to confirm the 20 different main service transmitters that will be used in the experiments tonight and I’ll announce on this blog tomorrow morning the […]

Tesco Freeview Experiment – Applications closed

“Top People” lists seem all to be the rage these days, and it’s always nice to get a mention in them. Tesco.com CEO Laura Wade-Gery has made it to number 3 in Retail Week’s inaugural Etail Powerlist 2010 – Retail Week’s ranking of 50 most powerful people in online retail. Laura […]

Tesco.com CEO Laura Wade-Gery is #3 in Retail Week Etail ...

Out at Tesco, the staff network for LGBT colleagues, has won an award from the man leading the Tesco – CEO Sir Terry Leahy. Out at Tesco chairman Romain Sauron, who established the network in 2009 (which I am communications secretary), was invited on-stage at the Tesco Company Conference 2010 […]

Out at Tesco gay staff network wins award from Tesco ...

Words words words! Sometimes you have to say them as well as write them. So when Ronan Shields from New Media Age handed a microphone to me at a recent conference I spoke to him about our mobile strategy. I don’t have a butch voice and I talk too fast […]

Listen to my interview in the New Media Age podcast!

Just to show that we haven’t all gone app-mad here at Tesco.com, please take a look at our mobile web enabled version of our Tesco Direct web site: http://m.tesco.com/mt/direct.tesco.com If you head to www.tescodirect.com on a mobile phone our servers should detect that you are using a mobile browser and […]

Take a look at our new mobile-enabled Tesco Direct web ...

If you would like to join Tesco.com R&D in testing content and applications we’ll be sending to ‘Channel Zero’-enabled Freeview boxes, then please apply below. You may also optionally apply to receive one of 20 Technika Freeview HD set-top boxes that the Tesco Electricals team have kindly given me to […]

Applications open to join the Tesco Freeview Broadcast experiment

Mike Fethers, a buyer for Tesco Entertainment, has sent me Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert! You should be able to scan the QR code on the image he sent me below (click image to show larger version if needed) using your smart-phone with a suitable barcode-scanning app. The QR-code contains an HTML link […]

Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert

If you have been reading in the media about my proposal to have a form of in-store “satellite navigation”-style location based awareness for Tesco Finder app users, I thought I would take you on a dive into the sort of research we’re doing to see if we can make this work. Now […]

How to make “Sat-nav” work inside a Tesco Store

The BBC’s Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, has written a nice blog article on the Tesco Groceries app now we have updated it to include barcode scanning. It’s always good when people I respect are enjoying the fruits of the work coming out of Tesco.com! http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/rorycellanjones/2010/10/mobile_barcodes_and_smarter_sh.html

Nice review of Tesco Groceries app by BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones

I absolutely love this info-graphic that has been created describing how our Tesco Groceries app works with the rest of our service.  Now do you see why I so enjoy working with the marketing team? A picture paints a thousand words, and us geeks should remember that a little more than we do!

Tesco Groceries for Mobile – Infographic

APPLICATION OPEN – SEE http://techfortesco.blogspot.com/2010/11/applications-open-to-join-tesco.html — I’ve joined up with my colleagues in the Tesco Electricals team to launch a nationwide experiment to transmit personal messages and useful content straight to your Freeview set-top box over the UK’s digital TV broadcast network. I’m looking for volunteers to help me with the experiment […]

Join the Tesco Freeview Broadcast Experiment

Our Tesco Groceries for iPhone app has been updated to enable you to scan barcodes using the iPhone’s camera (the same way that Tesco Finder for iPhone does). Now you can scan any EAN barcode and, as long as the product is sold in your home store, you can see the […]

Tesco Groceries for iPhone – now with Barcode Scanner

Jack Bennie, IT manager and colleague here at Tesco.com, has just alerted me to the fact that Tesco Online has just been voted the most accessible website for visually impaired computer users by members of RNIB and listeners of Insight Radio, the RNIB’s online radio station for blind and partially […]

BREAKING: Tesco Online voted most accessible website by RNIB members

Text COOK and two or three key ingredients to 83726 (TESCO on your keypad) and get back a great recipe from Tesco Real Food.Texts are free for Tesco Mobile customers, other network customers may be charged at their standard network rate. With our focus on Tesco apps for the latest […]

Search the Tesco Recipe site using an SMS text message

(Falls off chair) A hat tip to @MadMaxMel on Twitter who has just alerted me to the fact that this blog has been shortlisted for the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010. If you enjoy reading this blog and find it of value, then on behalf of Tesco.com IT and the […]

Shortlisted for the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010

I’d like you to meet another of our R&D team and introduce to you his pursuit of making searching for products on our website rather more interesting – indeed exciting to use – than it is right now. So here is Rakesh Ravuri. Say hello! We’re going to get you to experience […]

Rakesh’s Interactive Visual Feast for Tesco Groceries

Deborah Meaden (seated) with Carol Savage from MyDish and a BBC camera crew outside Tesco.com HQ in Welwyn Garden City, UK Look out for Dragon’s Den on BBC2 at 9pm this Sunday. It will feature Deborah Meaden who recently visited us to film Dragon’s Den winner Carol Savage, founder of […]

Dragon’s Den comes to Tesco.com

The Daily Mail reporter Claire Coleman has written a nice write-up of our Tesco Groceries for iPhone app in her article “Think iPhone apps are just for geeky blokes? Read our Girls’ Guide to making the most of your mobile.“. Snip: Best for supermarket haters Tesco, free If you want […]

Nice write-up about Tesco Groceries iPhone app in Daily Mail

Justgiving have just emailed me to say that they have now closed the page of donations made for my reecnt 10K run in London. Techfortesco readers donated nearly half the money raised so thank you very much for your generosity alongside viewers of London Landscape TV who raised the other half (thank […]

Thanks to you my 10K run raised £596.92

I’d like you to meet a couple of people – Sangeetha Rao and Rajiv Agarwal. Not heard their names before? Well that’s about to change – indeed not only will you know them – you’re about to trust them. After all, if you have a Windows Phone 7 mobile and […]

Meet the developers behind our Windows Phone 7 app

Ribot and our innovation team at Tesco.com have really done us proud in the design and development of Tesco Groceries for Windows Phone 7. If you imagine that the phone’s screen is a vertical window over a portion of the application, then this is what the full screen would look […]

Windows Phone 7 Design

Great still from a BBC video of the Tesco Groceries logo sitting nicely in a square on a Windows 7 Phone. See the full video of the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones interviewing Microsoft’s Ashley Highfield here. Thanks to Twitter followers for pointing this video out to me!

Tesco Groceries app logo on Windows 7 Phone

At short notice (I learned at 12:15pm today!) I am giving a speech and presentation as part of the Internet Retailing Conference at Novotel Hammersmith, London, tomorrow. I’ll be replacing my CIO, JJ VanOosten who has had to pull out at short notice. Given that I wrote his presentation, JJ […]

Speaking at ‘Internet Retailing’ and ‘Apps World’ conferences

Yes we’ve made a Tesco Groceries app for Windows Phone 7!Designed by Ribot, built by our newly formed mobile development team (well done guys and girls). Watch the live webcast here – the Tesco app is part of the demo in this webcast.http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/windowsphone/liveEvent.aspx I’ll update the link to archived footage […]

Tesco Groceries – for Windows Phone 7

As part of my fact-finding role I have received statistics that reveal the web browsers that customers are using to access the Tesco.com web site. The background for wanting to acquire this information was to discover what influence mobile browsers are having to the overall mix. As I uncover this […]

Web browser trends on Tesco.com site

Tesco Finder, our R&D app currently available for iPhone, is ideal for trying out new ideas that come in from customers and staff. Not all ideas will be implemented but we like to try them out in a research context to test the art of the possible. Here’s one example: […]

In the future use Tesco Finder app to “scan as ...

It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and my copy of Tweetdeck is on the screen displaying my favourite filtered Twitter feeds. As you can imagine I have a column filtering “tesco iphone app” and I have to admit I’m enjoying the very many positive comments coming from ‘the real world’. The […]

Ribot have taught us the art of Simple.

A techfortesco reader has just alerted me to a very interesting article from a geography teacher’s blog that is introducing Tesco Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch into geography lessons as part of an earthquake survival kit. Chris Green, Head of Geography at a west midlands secondary school, has created the lessons to […]

Survive an earthquake with Tesco Finder

I don’t get any products, favourites or delivery slots when I use my iPhone or Nokia app – what’s wrong? If you get this problem, it means is that your grocery account is set to an ‘accessiblity’ profile. In order to make your account work with the app it needs […]

Missing products and delivery slots on Tesco Groceries for iPhone ...

Whilst most customers are having no issues with the Tesco Groceries app, we can see from a few iTunes feedback reviews that a few are not getting all their products or delivery slots. Unfortunately there is no way of getting hold of the the authors of those reviews (or even […]

Are you not getting products or delivery slots when using ...

AND… those of you not filling my email and blog comments with barcode scanner questions, it’s Android. Curse my transparency – hold onto your hat as you read this message from B0lty: Why haven’t you included a barcode scanner? More like why haven’t you included a Tesco Android app? I […]

Android! Android! Android! Message Received!

Tesco.com’s Marketing Director Ian Crook was presenting at Nokia World today, talking about our Tesco Groceries for Nokia app. This photo from Twitter user @jmacdonald captured our man Ian in action (click the image for full size):

Tesco.com Marketing’s Ian Crook at Nokia World

Just about every external email I’ve received over the last two days seems to ask one question: We have barcode scanning in Tesco Finder for iPhone, so why haven’t we put the scanner into Tesco Groceries for iPhone?The reason is technical and to do with the new barcode scanning code […]

Why haven’t we included the barcode scanner in Tesco Groceries?

Yes, I’ve just volunteered to be one of thousands of “games makers” at the London 2012 Olympics. I hope my skills in information technology, radio communications (I’m a licensed radio amateur) and media / PR stuff will be of some use to the organisers. Mind you, I’ll probably end up […]

I’ve just submitted my Olympic 2012 “Games Maker” application

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded our Tesco Groceries for iPhone application. The app is achieving a continuous top 10 position in iTunes for ‘most downloaded free app’ (it’s at No. 5 right now) and is No.1 in the ‘Lifestyle” category in the time period since it launched last Thursday. […]

Tesco Groceries for iPhone – #1 Lifestyle App and in ...

We’ve just launched our mobile applications portal web site. The site has essential information about all our applications and it will grow to become your complete guide to our mobile apps, with all kinds of support facilities too. http://www.tesco.com/apps

Visit the “Tesco Mobile Apps Portal” web site

A great question has come from @sitereport on Twitter: Can multiple iPhone users add items to the same order? Technically, as long as the users are logged in to the same account, then yes you can add to the same order (or change quantities or remove the item). Indeed, this […]

Multiple mobile users can add to the same Tesco.com grocery ...

Let’s take a walkthrough of the Tesco Groceries app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the latter running in “iPhone mode”). Here is the opening screen (when you first use the app, you will be asked to tap in your Tesco.com grocery login email and password). You can choose a […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone / iPod Touch – Walkthrough

Here it is: Tesco.com’s grocery heart and soul in a little app. This changes everything. Again. (“Again”, because we launched on Nokia first!) Tesco and Ribot present this powerful pocket of grocery home shopping to you now. We simply call it Tesco Groceries which says so much in so few words. Oh, the […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone now live in iTunes App ...

Computer Weekly, one of my favourite reads, has as exceeded even their own excellent forecasting abilities. In their article Tesco Finder app reaches 1m downloads published yesterday, they reinterpreted my blog entry of Friday which spoke of the number of Tesco Finder requests reaching one million, rather than app downloads […]

One Million Tesco Apps Downloaded

I always look forward to coming to work after a nice holiday break. Perhaps I’m strange but Tesco.com, like many other organisations in e-commerce, is a rather exciting place to work. Every week there’s always some remarkable new statistic that has surfaced which makes for a interesting talking point around […]

Tesco Finder’s one million requests

Well now it’s been quite a week. The Tesco Groceries app for Nokia appeared on the OVI store and now we have several thousand customers enjoying shopping on their mobile. What’s really nice is that they are using the app as we hoped – most are adding to basket “little […]

Nokia app feedback (and time for a commercial break)

Our grocery home shopping application for Nokia phones (and soon, iPhone) was designed and built for us by a Brighton-based company called Ribot. But who are they? Brothers Antony and Jerome Ribot (that’s a French surname) came to our attention when we sent out a tender invitation to the world […]

Who are Ribot, and why did we make them our ...

I’ve just been informed within the last 10 minutes that our Nokia grocery home shopping application for Nokia S60-series phones is now live for download by customers from the Nokia OVI store. If you have a Nokia phone model 800, N97, N97 mini, X6, 5230 or 5530 then you’re all set:Download and enjoy!

BREAKING: Tesco Grocery app for Nokia now live to customers ...

I have lots of interesting feedback from readers wondering why we we went for Nokia first and (as GoMo News put it, “Tesco snubs iPhone with mobile commerce application”). First of all we actually haven’t snubbed iPhone. Ribot have built grocery apps for both Nokia and iPhone and we’re just finishing user-acceptance […]

Why have we snubbed iPhone by launching grocery on Nokia?

Let’s take a walk-through of our new grocery home shopping application for Nokia phones to give you a sense of what it looks like and how it works. We start with the opening screen, which enables you to reserve a delivery slot for your order (or change it for a […]

Walkthrough of Tesco Grocery app for Nokia phones

Last night we submitted our most ambitious mobile application yet to Nokia’s OVI app store. It’s a simple but complete grocery home application which allows you to search for products and add them to your online basket. It has full access to your favourites and all special offers so you […]

Tesco Grocery App for Nokia phones submitted to OVI store

Sorry for being a bit quiet here over the last week or so. We’re just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before we plunge into the public arena with our most exciting adventure yet. I feel that any time spend away from my core duties as part of the […]

The calm before the storm

This morning I sent this message out to our 800+ registered Tesco Grocery API developers. Dear API Developer We did it (finally!) – 100% of customers are now on our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery development platform. That means that 100% of customers can use your applications that use the Tesco Grocery […]

100% Martini / Affiliates Scheme Starts / API Unscheduled Outage

As part of my job, I get to answer some questions that come in from Tesco shareholders who have attended recent Annual General Meetings, particularly those related to new technologies or services visible to customers. One shareholder wanted to know why two of the mobile apps we have in the […]

Shareholder’s question: Why aren’t our mobile apps joined up?

If you comment on any article in this blog more than a couple of weeks old, it goes into an “approval” queue which I check and process 3-4 times a week. I often find that, combined with some useful comments, a few spam messages. Over the last month or so […]

Good Morning, Flattering Spam

One Friday a few weeks ago, the Clothing at Tesco (C@T) team decided to launch a campaign to increase their Facebook fan base. The team had opened the Clothing at Tesco Facebook fan site linked to their website www.clothingattesco.com and were using the service to update their profile regularly to […]

Tesco Friday Frenzy and power of Social Networking

This was the question posed to me by Kenny MacIver, editor of “I: Global Intelligence for the CIO” magazine. When I responded, “No I think the best CIOs are NOT from non-technical backgrounds”, Kenny replied, “Good! I would like you to write an article about that view, and we’ll print […]

Are the best CIOs from non-technical backgrounds?

A short time ago I responded to our leadership team’s concerns that the grocery API, still very much an R&D project (and on its own service) at this time, may not cope with the load when we come to launch our mobile grocery applications soon. Having built up some skills […]

Tesco.com has its own private cloud computing service

Last week our grocery home shopping competitor Ocado won the BT Retail Week Technology Award for their iPhone and Android Ocado on the Go apps. The two applications are excellent examples of applying technology appropriately for the customer’s benefit – making the process of grocery shopping easier and more convenient. […]

Credit where credit’s due: well done Ocado!

Today R&D is hosting the crucial England vs Slovenia World Cup game in the atrium on a 65″ (165cm diagonal) HDTV. This TV is fed by an Apple Mac connected via DVI cable and using the Mac’s excellent graphics card to decompress and render a full HD 1080i high definition […]

HD England World Cup Football at Tesco.com HQ – R&D ...

Listen, dear reader, I haven’t asked you for money in the last 18 months so when I do, you know I’m being deadly serious. It’s a rare event and I intend to keep it that way. I’m running the 2010 British 10K London Run on 11 July 2010, and I’m […]

Spare a fiver for the 2010 British 10K London Run

As you know, at Tesco.com we targeted iPhone first. Yet if I was to draw a Venn diagram containing two circles – one representing the population of Tesco online shoppers and the other the population of people with iPhones – you would see that the overlap between the two circles […]

Why we all need a Hero (Device)

Yesterday evening I joined a panel of ‘thinkers’ at a session of Mobile Monday London, hosted at Microsoft’s Victoria offices in London. Chaired by Marek Pawlowski of MEX (the strategy forum for user experience), the session was entitled “Living in a Multi-platform World” and explored the challenges of developing for […]

Mobile Monday and Living in a Multi-platform World

Today I have written to our 809 registered Tesco API developers telling them about an update that took place this lunchtime. Dear API Developer Just 7% of customers to go and we’ll have 100% of them on our new ‘project martini’ Tesco grocery web service – and available to you […]

New features in Tesco API and just 7% of customers ...

Sir Terry Leahy announced his forthcoming retirement today; from next March his role will be taken by Philip Clarke, who is currently Tesco’s international and IT director. That’s right: in an all-too-rare event, the IT man has made it to the top – it will be great knowing that Tesco […]

Happy retirement Sir Terry – and thanks for choosing the ...

Today we met with the designers who are building our grocery mobile apps so we could review progress and think about what we wanted to do over the coming year. They brought two iPads with them.On one iPad they had a mock-up of Tesco grocery shopping on it.On the other they […]

Tesco home shopping on an iPad?

Tesco.com HQ has been disrupted by colleagues with iPads who seem to create groups of people who gather around them whenever they carry the things about the office. Which they’re doing. Blatantly. Sarah (middle) and Becky (right) caught admiring Lucia’s iPad. (the chocolates are there because there is always gooey food […]

iPad fans disrupt Tesco.com

I’m just back from one of my splendid ‘cycling and cider’ holidays in Cornwall – mountain biking through the fantastic trails set up around Calstock and Gunnislake in the day, delicious local cider procured from any one of a number of local cider farms in the evening (and it’s important […]

Tesco Finder gets barcode scanner / remote support from remote ...

The iPhone Clubcard application has now reached just under half a million downloads and the new improved version of the application which accesses your live Clubcard points balance should be available in the App Store any moment! We’ve taken off the old original version so newcomers to the app don’t end up […]

UPDATED: Tesco Clubcard iPhone Competition / App Download Stats

The Tesco Clubcard application, first launched on iPhone, has just become available to owners of RIM Blackberry smart phones. The application can be viewed by following the link below or you can install it by following the same link on your device (you will need to install App World first if […]

UPDATED: Tesco Clubcard app for Blackberry launches / download stats

It’s OK: message received loud and clear.Both customers and colleagues have been emailing / commenting that there are now three Tesco apps for the iPhone but absolutely none for anything else and that frankly they are getting a bit bored waiting.It’s even reached Twitter: ScaredyCat: @techfortesco: getting a bit bored with tesco iphone only stance. There are other phones. Well […]

Frankly, Tesco, we’re getting bored with your iPhone-only apps