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Welcome to my technology blog! It's a mish-mash of projects and occasional thoughts on the world of technology and computer programming. This blog also incorporates my former TechForTesco blog authored during my time as Head of R&D at

Decoding TV Teddy – Part One: Discovery

I’ve always been fascinated by technologies embedded in products – especially toys which use tech to provide interaction with the child playing with it. Indeed I think toys really ‘push’ technology as they need to be easy to understand and use yet be robust enough to survive boisterous play. From the earliest clockwork rabbits to […]

TechForTesco QR code appears on Midsomer Murders episode

An eagle-eyed TV viewer has contacted me to say that, when he scanned a QR code in an episode of the ITV detective drama Midsomer Murders called Murder By Magic, he arrived at my old blog at TechForTesco. Here is the original QR code: …which contains a web link to take you to this page […]

Follow my DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Photography

Dear reader, As well as writing this blog, I also post YouTube videos of flights filmed by my DJI Mavic Pro aerial camera / quadcopter / drone at this web address: “1fw” stands for “1FW Flight Widescreen” (yes it’s recurive) so please take a look and let me know what you think!  

UK productivity falling for second quarter in a row

(pic: Eric Hossinger / Flickr) Today, I learned that that UK productivity has continued to fall at a time when growth in our economy is badly needed as we career towards an uncertain Brexit. Since I focus on innovation in retail,  I needed some expertise on why productivity was down, so I turned to Nigel Driffield of Warwick Business […]

How can you prove you’re not in a computer simulation?

I’ve enjoyed read this article in Cosmos Magazine, that has concluded that we cannot live in computer simulation of the kind indicated in the outstanding 1999 movie The Matrix. The article reports that two scientists set out to see whether whether it was possible to use a technique known as Quantum Monte Carlo to study […]

Compressing MacOS / OSX files transparently using AFSCTOOL

As my Macbook Pro goes through a phase of getting full and needing to have its disk swept of old files from time to time, I wish that MacOS had a ‘compression’ tag for its files like Windows has.That way, files would remain on the disk in a compressed state without having to move them […]

Watch: Talking about The Innovation Mindset on Economist TV

Economist TV, part of the Economist Intelligence Unit, invited me on-screen to interview me about the “innovation mindset” and how thinking that way can help businesses prosper: Full page link: