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Welcome to my technology blog! It's a mish-mash of projects and occasional thoughts on the world of technology and computer programming. This blog also incorporates my former TechForTesco blog authored during my time as Head of R&D at

Time to smash your e-commerce platform. Literally!

Why the future of e-commerce should be built using micro-services. Listen to the podcast episode here: The story is often the same: I’ll be approached by a startup that has created a great feature for customers that a retailer can bolt onto their service. On this occasion, the product or service I am shown passes my […]

Amazon Go will bring the great shoplifter experience to customers

Some three years ago, I was invited by Tesco’s London Format team to explore how we could use innovation techniques to enhance the customer experience in their small Express and Metro stores. When we started our meeting, I presented a list of ideas that I had seen from start-up companies engaged in this area. The […]

Sea Shockwave at Peacehaven!

Every so often, on a stormy night when the sea is at high tide at Peacehaven, our clifftop home is on the receiving end of a shockwave! The waves hit the bottom of the cliffs when there is a lot of energy in the water at high tide, usually from southerly winds driving the waves […]

Podcast Episode 6: The Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things In this episode, I talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) or ‘smart devices’, and have they have finally found their voice through Alexa, the Amazon Echo and Google Home. This changes everything because ‘ease of use’ is now solved. At least until I hack the devices…. Listen now (running time […]

Registered Amazon seller caught scamming customers

Lee Munson, a researcher for security and privacy advice and comparison website,, is warning Amazon UK customers to be particularly vigilant about the post-holiday deals they find on Amazon as it has caught out one seller in particular attempting to scam users out of money. The merchant, called Sc-Elegance, primarily sells high end electronics, […]

Local Businesses: Make sure you can be found as my “nearest”.

It’s always been easy (read: lazy) for me to organise a family or friends’ night out in nearby Brighton because we just take the cab to the centre and wander around exploring the many pub and restaurant delights. However, some local evening attractions around where we live in Peacehaven have slowly been making themselves aware […]

Visual Guide to the Rise and Rise of Financial Technology

Over the years I have come to respect so-called FinTech (Financial Technology) startups that are re-shaping finance from borrowers & lenders markets through to mobile payments. It’s a fascinating area so I am happy to show this press release from alternative/crowdfunding finance brokerChoice Loans who have compiled an infographic on the subject. Follow the link to take […]

Internet-of-Things devices new threat to internet security

Yesterday I had problems accessing Twitter. I know, I’ll get over it, but in the meantime realising what caused the access issue served to highlight a vulnerability built into part of the internet’s technical design. The problem is.. well… us humans! We can’t remember numbers that well, and yet every computer and every website on the […]

Asda turning stores into smart buildings

Supermarket chain Asda is working with business energy monitoring company Utilitywise to convert its stores into ‘smart buildings’ – a smart move in itself! Supermarket stores are highly complex systems – most equipment in such locations involves a degree of mechanical operation (think refrigerator motors, checkout moving belts, automatic doors, fan-assisted bread ovens, air conditioning, […]