When shortwave conditions are good…!

I couple of posts ago I showed you how poor shortwave radio propagation was as a storm passed over the UK – so I thought I’d show you ‘what good looks like’! Here is what an FM hamfax image looks like, transmitted from my home in south-east England tonight, and received across at the University of Twente, Enschede, […]

Transmitting an efficient AM Stereo radio signal – Part 2

Before we conquer the AM broadcasting world with our newly efficient AM stereo signal, perhaps it might be good to start at the beginning and build a transmitter in GNURadio that will transmit a nice conventional AM mono broadcast signal. Hopefully, you have GNU Radio installed and you’ve started the gnuradio-companion application. This presents you […]

Transmitting an efficient AM Stereo radio signal – Part 1

One of several projects I earmarked for my summer break was to dive deep into my amateur radio hobby. As a radio ham I am able to transmit radio signals containing content from morse code to speech, images, video and digital data across the world. Specifically I wanted to scratch a technical itch that had […]