Speak or Scan – Tesco Groceries for Android launches

Please welcome the newest member of our mobile app family, Tesco Groceries for Android. Yes, I know, you’ve wanted this app to launch for a long time. But the management team, designers and developers were patient, considered, and did things right so that we could launch an app to be proud of.So take my hand […]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: The Mobile World Playground

Our intrepid reporter (and Tesco.com Mobile Product Manager) Rebecca Pate concludes her visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with this despatch, ending with a message for Android users: The second day spent at MWC started with the developer event with HP introducing webOS, there’s some really cool UI stuff going on here, like ‘Just […]

Tesco Groceries app for Android not far away now

I’ve recently spotted this article on Infinite Path:Are big businesses missing out by putting the iPhone above Google Android? Excerpt: Take Tesco for example. It’s hard to avoid their TV ads promoting their iPhone app which allows people to scan barcordes to generate a shopping list and then order items. A great idea, which makes […]

Android! Android! Android! Message Received!

AND… those of you not filling my email and blog comments with barcode scanner questions, it’s Android. Curse my transparency – hold onto your hat as you read this message from B0lty: Why haven’t you included a barcode scanner? More like why haven’t you included a Tesco Android app? I find it flabbergasting that so […]

Mobile Monday and Living in a Multi-platform World

Yesterday evening I joined a panel of ‘thinkers’ at a session of Mobile Monday London, hosted at Microsoft’s Victoria offices in London. Chaired by Marek Pawlowski of MEX (the strategy forum for user experience), the session was entitled “Living in a Multi-platform World” and explored the challenges of developing for the much more fragmented world […]

Frankly, Tesco, we’re getting bored with your iPhone-only apps

It’s OK: message received loud and clear.Both customers and colleagues have been emailing / commenting that there are now three Tesco apps for the iPhone but absolutely none for anything else and that frankly they are getting a bit bored waiting.It’s even reached Twitter: ScaredyCat: @techfortesco: getting a bit bored with tesco iphone only stance. There are other phones. Well there’s only one person to […]

Nexus One arrives…

I just wanted to give you proof that we’re not just doing iPhone mobile stuff. The Google Nexus One has arrived on my desk and it is about to get a programming it’ll never forget! SDK being downloaded right now: Tesco Finder for Android, here we come…