Tesco Lab’s NextGen API now live!

I’m delighted to relay to you that the brand new Tesco Labs API is now live. This next-generation API use the latest cloud tech to give you access to grocery product information at Tesco. Tesco Labs software engineer Pablo Coberly has posted an article on the Tesco Labs website introducing the new API and the […]

Techfortesco server back online soon

UPDATE: All working now! Well done Adrian and the Tesco Labs engineering team. https://secure.techfortesco.com/tescoapiweb/login.aspx — Hello if you’ve reached this blog when you thought you were going to techfortesco.com’s API server. It’s OK, my lovely ex-colleagues at Tesco Labs are sorting out a new server to host the API and it will be back online […]

Podcast Episode 2: Innovation in Data

Innovation in Data We live in the ‘Information Age’ where the creation and use of data is prolific. Data drives business operations, social media and more. Data is important, but my passion is for open data. That’s data that is freely available in data files that you can download and import into a spreadsheet or […]

‘Grocery-Grazing’ Tesco App Customers Get More Respect

Over the past week I have been working with my colleagues to tune the Application Programming Interface (API) service that supports communications from all our apps, now that our TV advertising campaign has brought many new customers to the joy of mobile grocery shopping. Anecdotal evidence shows that we can support five times the numbers […]

Tesco Grocery App for Nokia phones submitted to OVI store

Last night we submitted our most ambitious mobile application yet to Nokia’s OVI app store. It’s a simple but complete grocery home application which allows you to search for products and add them to your online basket. It has full access to your favourites and all special offers so you can shop for groceries on […]

Tesco.com has its own private cloud computing service

A short time ago I responded to our leadership team’s concerns that the grocery API, still very much an R&D project (and on its own service) at this time, may not cope with the load when we come to launch our mobile grocery applications soon. Having built up some skills and experience in using Microsoft’s […]

Tesco Finder gets barcode scanner / remote support from remote countryside

I’m just back from one of my splendid ‘cycling and cider’ holidays in Cornwall – mountain biking through the fantastic trails set up around Calstock and Gunnislake in the day, delicious local cider procured from any one of a number of local cider farms in the evening (and it’s important to get it that way […]

Frankly, Tesco, we’re getting bored with your iPhone-only apps

It’s OK: message received loud and clear.Both customers and colleagues have been emailing / commenting that there are now three Tesco apps for the iPhone but absolutely none for anything else and that frankly they are getting a bit bored waiting.It’s even reached Twitter: ScaredyCat: @techfortesco: getting a bit bored with tesco iphone only stance. There are other phones. Well there’s only one person to […]

Azure to the rescue

Developers following the build of the new Tesco Grocery API, (an R&D project that allows third-party access to our grocery service through their own applications) may well have questioned a consequence of enormous download counts for our iPhone Clubcard app. The question: If we had similar downloads for the forthcoming Tesco iPhone Grocery app, how […]