Shareholder’s question: Why aren’t our mobile apps joined up?

As part of my job, I get to answer some questions that come in from Tesco shareholders who have attended recent Annual General Meetings, particularly those related to new technologies or services visible to customers. One shareholder wanted to know why two of the mobile apps we have in the public domain, Tesco Finder and […]

UPDATED: Tesco Clubcard iPhone Competition / App Download Stats

The iPhone Clubcard application has now reached just under half a million downloads and the new improved version of the application which accesses your live Clubcard points balance should be available in the App Store any moment! We’ve taken off the old original version so newcomers to the app don’t end up having to download and set […]

UPDATED: Tesco Clubcard app for Blackberry launches / download stats

The Tesco Clubcard application, first launched on iPhone, has just become available to owners of RIM Blackberry smart phones. The application can be viewed by following the link below or you can install it by following the same link on your device (you will need to install App World first if you haven’t already). Ben […]

New version of Tesco Clubcard iPhone app submitted

We’ve submitted a new version of the Tesco Clubcard app to the Apple iTunes App Store. As well as continuing to feature the on-screen barcode which can be scanned at most checkouts, the updated Tesco Clubcard app now gives you access your live points balance if you have a cellular or wifi internet connection: A […]

Tesco Clubcard iPhone app launches

Off we go on our journey to bring a great Tesco Clubcard experience directly to your mobile phone! Clubcard is Tesco’s way of saying thank you for shopping with us – it’s easy – simply scan your Clubcard every time you shop. For every £1 you spend on qualifying products at Tesco, whether in-store or […]