Tesco Freeview Experiment – Freeview HD box recipients

Well done to the Tesco Freeview Experiment applicants listed below.I’ll be in contact with each of you shortly to get the set-top box delivered to you. FirstName Location Freeview Transmitter Mark Belfast Divis Doug Dundee Angus James Stockton-on-Tees Bilsdale Tim Ashford, Kent Bluebell Hill Alick Glenrothes, Fife CraigKelly Daniel Islington, London Crystal Palace David Carnoustie, Angus Durris […]

Applications open to join the Tesco Freeview Broadcast experiment

If you would like to join Tesco.com R&D in testing content and applications we’ll be sending to ‘Channel Zero’-enabled Freeview boxes, then please apply below. You may also optionally apply to receive one of 20 Technika Freeview HD set-top boxes that the Tesco Electricals team have kindly given me to hand out as part of […]

Join the Tesco Freeview Broadcast Experiment

APPLICATION OPEN – SEE http://techfortesco.blogspot.com/2010/11/applications-open-to-join-tesco.html — I’ve joined up with my colleagues in the Tesco Electricals team to launch a nationwide experiment to transmit personal messages and useful content straight to your Freeview set-top box over the UK’s digital TV broadcast network. I’m looking for volunteers to help me with the experiment – and for a lucky […]

Getting ready for the National TV Retune

Tesco, alongside other TV retailers, is getting ready for customer calls on and after 30th September. That date is called, in a rather community-spirited manner, the National TV Retune. It’s where customers who receive digital channels through their aerial – Freeview – suddenly stop receiving a whole load of them and have to enter their […]