New version of Tesco Recipes for iPad now live on App Store

The mobile team who created the sumptuous Tesco Recipes for iPad application have just informed me that the new version has gone live on Apple’s iTunes App Store. If you have already downloaded this free iPad app before then you’ll be prompted to update the application when you enter the App store and look at […]

Tesco Recipes App for iPad launches

Yes we’ve just launched our first (and frankly gorgeous) iPad app – Tesco Recipes. The app was designed of course by our mobile app creators extraordinaire – Ribot, who used the ‘salivation commences’ slogan in their blog post as that sums up for me regarding what this app is all about. Andy Beale, IT Manager into […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone now live in iTunes App Store

Here it is:’s grocery heart and soul in a little app. This changes everything. Again. (“Again”, because we launched on Nokia first!) Tesco and Ribot present this powerful pocket of grocery home shopping to you now. We simply call it Tesco Groceries which says so much in so few words. Oh, the decisiveness of purpose, passion for […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone / iPod Touch – Walkthrough

Let’s take a walkthrough of the Tesco Groceries app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the latter running in “iPhone mode”). Here is the opening screen (when you first use the app, you will be asked to tap in your grocery login email and password). You can choose a delivery slot, and see when […]

Tesco home shopping on an iPad?

Today we met with the designers who are building our grocery mobile apps so we could review progress and think about what we wanted to do over the coming year. They brought two iPads with them.On one iPad they had a mock-up of Tesco grocery shopping on it.On the other they had their presentation. Don’t take anything […]

iPad fans disrupt HQ has been disrupted by colleagues with iPads who seem to create groups of people who gather around them whenever they carry the things about the office. Which they’re doing. Blatantly. Sarah (middle) and Becky (right) caught admiring Lucia’s iPad. (the chocolates are there because there is always gooey food around HQ) Oh and […]

What do we think of the Apple iPad?

The launch of Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad, certainly caught my attention for 3 reasons: I enjoy spending an hour each evening consuming web content (news, blogs, video, social sites) with only occasional typed interactions – my laptop is massively over-specified for such use. I like to try out recipe ideas in the kitchen, […]