Survive an earthquake with Tesco Finder

A techfortesco reader has just alerted me to a very interesting article from a geography teacher’s blog that is introducing Tesco Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch into geography lessons as part of an earthquake survival kit. Chris Green, Head of Geography at a west midlands secondary school, has created the lessons to teach his pupils how to […]

Multiple mobile users can add to the same grocery order

A great question has come from @sitereport on Twitter: Can multiple iPhone users add items to the same order? Technically, as long as the users are logged in to the same account, then yes you can add to the same order (or change quantities or remove the item). Indeed, this can be a mix of […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone now live in iTunes App Store

Here it is:’s grocery heart and soul in a little app. This changes everything. Again. (“Again”, because we launched on Nokia first!) Tesco and Ribot present this powerful pocket of grocery home shopping to you now. We simply call it Tesco Groceries which says so much in so few words. Oh, the decisiveness of purpose, passion for […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone / iPod Touch – Walkthrough

Let’s take a walkthrough of the Tesco Groceries app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the latter running in “iPhone mode”). Here is the opening screen (when you first use the app, you will be asked to tap in your grocery login email and password). You can choose a delivery slot, and see when […]