JavaScript? My web browser runs Python! And BASIC! and…

%CODEBRYTHONCLOCK% If you’re reading this in a modern web browser window you should see a clock at the top of this post. Nice clock! Programmed in Python3 by a team called Brython (Browser-Python), it’s running in Python right now on your web browser. Have a look at the source view of this post if you don’t […]

GS1 SmartSearch: Delivering more sales with structured product data

  Have a read of this article about the project I’m working on with David Smith, Head of Digital GS1 UK. It’s all about making a step change in the improvement of product description information on the web, using JSON format which is easily machine-readable. This post first appeared in The Retail Bulletin on November […]

The Joy of Async JavaScript

This weekend I wanted to ensure that works well on all screens from standard web browsers to mobile and TV. After all I can hardly espouse about the internet of things if my own web site can’t work on them where applicable! I used the Google PageSpeed web site tester, and all was well […]