On the Microsoft and Nokia mobile deal

Few things have excited me as much over the last few months than the work that Microsoft has done to create Windows Phone 7 (WP7), and the news that came in last Friday announcing that they have teamed up with Nokia (or Nokia has teamed up with them, or both!) brings me yet more joy. […]

Microsoft Tag – Redmond’s colourful take on 2D barcoding

I’ve been alerted to Redmond’s colourful take on 2D barcoding, Microsoft Tag. It’s an advanced barcode creating technology which stores up to to 1000 characters (compared to QR-code’s 4296 character maximum) and adds colourful triangles to its design! The rest of this blog entry is stored in the Microsoft Tag below – I’ll leave you […]

Living with Google Nexus One / Going to Microsoft MIX?

I’m taking a long weekend out to visit Dublin (it’s my (Irish-born) hubby’s 50th birthday, bless him!) and, as I already have an O2-Ireland SIM card, I’m going to ‘live’ my communications using the Google Nexus One, and I’ll see how I get on with it being my only internet connection whilst I’m away, just […]