Tesco.com mobile strategy – credit Angela Maurer and her team!

First of all, may I thank Ronan Shields of New Media Age for his great profile article about me, and  Dawinderpal Sahota of Computing  for his excellent article on the same subject – a great piece of work guys 🙂 However, I conclude that anyone reading these articles might be forgiven for thinking that I manage Tesco.com’s entire […]

Take a look at our new mobile-enabled Tesco Direct web site

Just to show that we haven’t all gone app-mad here at Tesco.com, please take a look at our mobile web enabled version of our Tesco Direct web site: http://m.tesco.com/mt/direct.tesco.com If you head to www.tescodirect.com on a mobile phone our servers should detect that you are using a mobile browser and redirect you to the mobile […]

Visit the “Tesco Mobile Apps Portal” web site

We’ve just launched our mobile applications portal web site. The site has essential information about all our applications and it will grow to become your complete guide to our mobile apps, with all kinds of support facilities too. http://www.tesco.com/apps

Tesco VX1i arrives…

Sanity check! Just when I might consider that everyone is going in the direction of the smart phone, my colleagues at Tesco Mobile have announced their surprise that their biggest selling phone (just launched) is the one that’s totally incapable of doing anything other than “making and receiving phone calls, and texting”! OK, so it […]