QR codes go into Tesco branches from Friday

From this Friday we’ll be using QR Codes in store to link customers to the mobile version of Tesco Direct to ore-order the new Nintendo 3DS console. Mike Fethers, Assistant Buyer for Tesco Gaming (what a great role!) sent me a digital copy of the poster and QR code we’ll be showing in-store. Mike believes […]

Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert

Mike Fethers, a buyer for Tesco Entertainment, has sent me Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert! You should be able to scan the QR code on the image he sent me below (click image to show larger version if needed) using your smart-phone with a suitable barcode-scanning app. The QR-code contains an HTML link which is http://bit.ly/aefZn7 which gets converted by […]

Square barcode showing on screens at Tesco.com HQ today

Well done if you’ve arrived here from decoding the square ‘QR’ barcode square I put up on all the media screens at Tesco.com HQ in Falcon Way today. The text data in the barcode (recreated above) points to the direct web address of this blog post. I wanted to see how many people 1) noticed […]