The Cable Guys (and Girls)

Another day in the office for the R&D and Mobile teams! (click for bigger picture). A photographer from The Grocer magazine was in our office during last week taking pics as part of a profile interview of R&D, and I insisted that the key players who had helped shape R&D and mobile join me […]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: The Mobile World Playground

Our intrepid reporter (and Mobile Product Manager) Rebecca Pate concludes her visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with this despatch, ending with a message for Android users: The second day spent at MWC started with the developer event with HP introducing webOS, there’s some really cool UI stuff going on here, like ‘Just […]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: The Revolution Has Begun!

My colleague from our web/mobile development team is Rebecca Pate, who is spending a week as our eyes and ears at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where she is Techfortesco’s intrepid reporter! As a quick intro, my name is Becky Pate (@rpatey) and I am the Mobile Product Owner here at Mainly, I am […]