100% Martini / Affiliates Scheme Starts / API Unscheduled Outage

This morning I sent this message out to our 800+ registered Tesco Grocery API developers. Dear API Developer We did it (finally!) – 100% of customers are now on our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery development platform. That means that 100% of customers can use your applications that use the Tesco Grocery API at techfortesco.com. It also means […]

Original API closes tonight after changing the game at Tesco.com

Tonight at 6pm (17:00 UTC), the original API that we launched privately back in October 2008, then to external developers two months later, will be shut down. The CTP API’s end coincides with the demise of our old grocery platform which it accessed, as we have moved nearly all our customers to the new grocery […]

Order your Tesco.com groceries through a Facebook app

As we get more customers onto our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery service, the time is coming when our army of third-party developers can unleash their Tesco Grocery API powered applications on the world. One of these developers is James Mills, an IT programmer who came along to our Tesco TJAM day back in August last […]

Azure to the rescue

Developers following the build of the new Tesco Grocery API, (an R&D project that allows third-party access to our grocery service through their own applications) may well have questioned a consequence of enormous download counts for our iPhone Clubcard app. The question: If we had similar downloads for the forthcoming Tesco iPhone Grocery app, how […]

Speaking at London iPhone Developer Group (Wed 3 Feb)

I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the London iPhone Developer Group (LiDG). It’s taking place tomorrow evening (Wednesday 3 Feb 2010) at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. I’ll be exploring with LiDG members some of the ethnographic research that we conducted with customers last year which identified our original […]

Barcode scanning for iPhone – anyone help?

Regular readers will know about our desire to take Tesco Finder, our store & product finding app for iPhone, on a journey where we will add new innovative features and functions based on customer feedback. One of these functions is to use the iPhone’s camera to perform barcode scanning. An innovative solution comes from Red […]

Nice thought piece on APIs from Revolution magazine

I like this ‘thought piece’ from Revolution magazine on APIs and the future. http://www.revolutionmagazine.com/news/947967/open-source-answer/ The article’s “pros and cons” paragraph is particularly interesting, and the section about the importance of ‘abstracting’ the API from how the underlying service really works was important to me when designing the Tesco.com Grocery API. Our underlying grocery service is […]

New Release of Tesco Finder Features Prices and Offers

The need to sort out the “Town/City Search” issue with Tesco Finder gave me the excuse to update this iPhone application with the users’ most requested feature: prices and offers. The updated application has just been submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store and so should be arriving on your iPhone in the next few […]

Tesco Finder’s Town/City Search Not Working

If you attempt to use Tesco Finder’s “Town/City Search” function to locate a Tesco store manually, you’ll find you get the message, “I couldn’t connect to Google.com. Please check your network connection or try again later.“. So what’s happening? Basically we’ve programmed Tesco Finder to use Google’s geo-search API, where we pass on the town […]