Big improvements to service for Tesco Finder app

I’ve just sent into live an update to the API service supporting Tesco Finder application. The focus has been on improving performance and accuracy of the service for the ever-increasing number of Tesco Finder users. The “nearest branches” feature is now much more accurate. Before the update, the API tended to favour nearest branches by […]

Does your Tesco Finder app crash when starting up?

I’ve just accepted an update of Tesco Finder and now it crashes as soon as I start the app! Help! If you downloaded the Tesco Finder app in the past, then updated to the more recent version of the iPhone Operating System,  then take our Tesco Finder app update, our updated app seems to crash […]

Christmas is coming / Tesco Finder update

I knew there was a reason for the workload – I have been radio silent on this blog for the last two weeks because you you could say that work reached a crescendo as we put in the final preparations for Christmas trading. It was not just that customers seemed to be waiting for us to […]

How to make “Sat-nav” work inside a Tesco Store

If you have been reading in the media about my proposal to have a form of in-store “satellite navigation”-style location based awareness for Tesco Finder app users, I thought I would take you on a dive into the sort of research we’re doing to see if we can make this work. Now we don’t do ‘tech’ for […]

In the future use Tesco Finder app to “scan as you shop”

Tesco Finder, our R&D app currently available for iPhone, is ideal for trying out new ideas that come in from customers and staff. Not all ideas will be implemented but we like to try them out in a research context to test the art of the possible. Here’s one example: use Tesco Finder to scan items as […]

Ribot have taught us the art of Simple.

It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and my copy of Tweetdeck is on the screen displaying my favourite filtered Twitter feeds. As you can imagine I have a column filtering “tesco iphone app” and I have to admit I’m enjoying the very many positive comments coming from ‘the real world’. The team at Ribot are enjoying […]

Survive an earthquake with Tesco Finder

A techfortesco reader has just alerted me to a very interesting article from a geography teacher’s blog that is introducing Tesco Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch into geography lessons as part of an earthquake survival kit. Chris Green, Head of Geography at a west midlands secondary school, has created the lessons to teach his pupils how to […]

Tesco Finder’s one million requests

I always look forward to coming to work after a nice holiday break. Perhaps I’m strange but, like many other organisations in e-commerce, is a rather exciting place to work. Every week there’s always some remarkable new statistic that has surfaced which makes for a interesting talking point around the water-coolers (yes, we really […]

Shareholder’s question: Why aren’t our mobile apps joined up?

As part of my job, I get to answer some questions that come in from Tesco shareholders who have attended recent Annual General Meetings, particularly those related to new technologies or services visible to customers. One shareholder wanted to know why two of the mobile apps we have in the public domain, Tesco Finder and […]

Apple iPhone adverts double Tesco Finder download rate

Tesco Finder, our store and product finder app for iPhone, has been featuring in Apple advertising on the back of the Sunday papers over the last four weeks (thank you Apple!). You may be interested to know three interesting statistics: Tesco Finder downloads on these Sundays have been double the normal download rates (and remember, […]