Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert

Mike Fethers, a buyer for Tesco Entertainment, has sent me Tesco’s first QR-code enabled print advert! You should be able to scan the QR code on the image he sent me below (click image to show larger version if needed) using your smart-phone with a suitable barcode-scanning app. The QR-code contains an HTML link which is http://bit.ly/aefZn7 which gets converted by […]

Tesco Groceries for iPhone – now with Barcode Scanner

Our Tesco Groceries for iPhone app has been updated to enable you to scan barcodes using the iPhone’s camera (the same way that Tesco Finder for iPhone does). Now you can scan any EAN barcode and, as long as the product is sold in your home store, you can see the product’s details and add it […]

Search the Tesco Recipe site using an SMS text message

Text COOK and two or three key ingredients to 83726 (TESCO on your keypad) and get back a great recipe from Tesco Real Food.Texts are free for Tesco Mobile customers, other network customers may be charged at their standard network rate. With our focus on Tesco apps for the latest generation of mobile smart phones you […]

Shortlisted for the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010

(Falls off chair) A hat tip to @MadMaxMel on Twitter who has just alerted me to the fact that this blog has been shortlisted for the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010. If you enjoy reading this blog and find it of value, then on behalf of Tesco.com IT and the R&D team I would love […]

Rakesh’s Interactive Visual Feast for Tesco Groceries

I’d like you to meet another of our R&D team and introduce to you his pursuit of making searching for products on our website rather more interesting – indeed exciting to use – than it is right now. So here is Rakesh Ravuri. Say hello! We’re going to get you to experience this proof of concept right […]

Meet the developers behind our Windows Phone 7 app

I’d like you to meet a couple of people – Sangeetha Rao and Rajiv Agarwal. Not heard their names before? Well that’s about to change – indeed not only will you know them – you’re about to trust them. After all, if you have a Windows Phone 7 mobile and you download our Tesco Groceries […]

Windows Phone 7 Design

Ribot and our innovation team at Tesco.com have really done us proud in the design and development of Tesco Groceries for Windows Phone 7. If you imagine that the phone’s screen is a vertical window over a portion of the application, then this is what the full screen would look like (click for larger version): […]

Tesco Groceries app logo on Windows 7 Phone

Great still from a BBC video of the Tesco Groceries logo sitting nicely in a square on a Windows 7 Phone. See the full video of the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones interviewing Microsoft’s Ashley Highfield here. Thanks to Twitter followers for pointing this video out to me!

Speaking at ‘Internet Retailing’ and ‘Apps World’ conferences

At short notice (I learned at 12:15pm today!) I am giving a speech and presentation as part of the Internet Retailing Conference at Novotel Hammersmith, London, tomorrow. I’ll be replacing my CIO, JJ VanOosten who has had to pull out at short notice. Given that I wrote his presentation, JJ kindly suggested that I may […]