Tesco Groceries – for Windows Phone 7

Yes we’ve made a Tesco Groceries app for Windows Phone 7!Designed by Ribot, built by our newly formed mobile development team (well done guys and girls). Watch the live webcast here – the Tesco app is part of the demo in this webcast.http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/windowsphone/liveEvent.aspx I’ll update the link to archived footage showing the app when Microsoft […]

Web browser trends on Tesco.com site

As part of my fact-finding role I have received statistics that reveal the web browsers that customers are using to access the Tesco.com web site. The background for wanting to acquire this information was to discover what influence mobile browsers are having to the overall mix. As I uncover this more precise information (which I […]

Survive an earthquake with Tesco Finder

A techfortesco reader has just alerted me to a very interesting article from a geography teacher’s blog that is introducing Tesco Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch into geography lessons as part of an earthquake survival kit. Chris Green, Head of Geography at a west midlands secondary school, has created the lessons to teach his pupils how to […]

Android! Android! Android! Message Received!

AND… those of you not filling my email and blog comments with barcode scanner questions, it’s Android. Curse my transparency – hold onto your hat as you read this message from B0lty: Why haven’t you included a barcode scanner? More like why haven’t you included a Tesco Android app? I find it flabbergasting that so […]

Tesco.com Marketing’s Ian Crook at Nokia World

Tesco.com’s Marketing Director Ian Crook was presenting at Nokia World today, talking about our Tesco Groceries for Nokia app. This photo from Twitter user @jmacdonald captured our man Ian in action (click the image for full size):

Tesco Groceries for iPhone – #1 Lifestyle App and in top 10 for iTunes UK

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded our Tesco Groceries for iPhone application. The app is achieving a continuous top 10 position in iTunes for ‘most downloaded free app’ (it’s at No. 5 right now) and is No.1 in the ‘Lifestyle” category in the time period since it launched last Thursday. Of course downloads aren’t everything […]

Visit the “Tesco Mobile Apps Portal” web site

We’ve just launched our mobile applications portal web site. The site has essential information about all our applications and it will grow to become your complete guide to our mobile apps, with all kinds of support facilities too. http://www.tesco.com/apps

Multiple mobile users can add to the same Tesco.com grocery order

A great question has come from @sitereport on Twitter: Can multiple iPhone users add items to the same order? Technically, as long as the users are logged in to the same account, then yes you can add to the same order (or change quantities or remove the item). Indeed, this can be a mix of […]

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone now live in iTunes App Store

Here it is: Tesco.com’s grocery heart and soul in a little app. This changes everything. Again. (“Again”, because we launched on Nokia first!) Tesco and Ribot present this powerful pocket of grocery home shopping to you now. We simply call it Tesco Groceries which says so much in so few words. Oh, the decisiveness of purpose, passion for […]