Good Morning, Flattering Spam

If you comment on any article in this blog more than a couple of weeks old, it goes into an “approval” queue which I check and process 3-4 times a week. I often find that, combined with some useful comments, a few spam messages. Over the last month or so I’ve suddenly found these spam […]

New features in Tesco API and just 7% of customers to be transferred

Today I have written to our 809 registered Tesco API developers telling them about an update that took place this lunchtime. Dear API Developer Just 7% of customers to go and we’ll have 100% of them on our new ‘project martini’ Tesco grocery web service – and available to you through the Tesco Grocery API. […]

20% of customers now moved to new grocery platform.

Now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way, our infrastructure team has started the work of moving all our customers across from the old ‘BOB’ grocery platform to the sparkling new ‘Project Martini’ service. The team just informed me that they’ve reached the 20% mark – which means that as a […]

Tesco Wine Finder on ‘front page’ of iTunes App Store

A delighted Steve Semenzato, CEO of Cortexica the company whose visual search system runs Tesco Wine Finder, has emailed me to let me know that the app is now on the front page of the iTunes (UK) App Store in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section. I’ve just checked and so it is! Click on the […]

Taking visual search to the next three stages

Whilst it’s great to see that Tesco Wine Finder has had a positive reception across the web, some more wiley readers have emailed me as they see into my thinking about the potential of automated object recognition of the sort that Cortexica Vision Systems have built for us. So rather than remain implicit, I’ll state […]

Pack up your radio towers, the Broadcast Era is nearly over!

I’m just back from a nice holiday away in Republic of Ireland visiting friends and relatives, enjoying Irish hospitality, buying Christmas presents and being blown about by 50mph winds. The things I do for a delicious Dublin-brewed Guinness! Listening to local radio is great but there are a couple of UK stations I miss when […]

Out At Tesco – and I’m staffing the Tesco stand at Careers Show

Sorry for this off-topic message but, in the light of feedback concerning the announcement of Tesco’s new staff network “Out At Tesco” (of which I am a committee member), I am taking the opportunity here to help readers understand why such a network exists and to announce that I will be hosting the Tesco stand […]

Important API Updates: Dev Portal moved; Azure tear-down ready for beta API

Dear API Developer There are some important updates to the Tesco API and the developer portal that have occurred today, and there is action you must take to keep your client application running against the community technical preview edition of the API. Developer Portal Moved ——————————– The API developer portal, where you manage your developer […]

Fake email phishing for Tesco usernames and password – ignore!

It may be a poor attempt at phishing but look out for this email message and delete it. Mine came from “Tesco Webmaster” but there may be other email sources. The perpetrator may be trying to snag a Tesco email account to make future phishing emails look more authentic. Help me make sure his/her […]